Invisible Light Air Purifier©

The Pendant Light Purifier is our all-purpose fixture suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Its slim form factor fits right to any location that needs the most disinfection. At home it can be placed on the kitchen or dining area where micro-organisms are mostly present.

In an office environment you may be able to put the LumenAire™ on reception areas, meeting rooms, pantry and breakout areas as it is both decorative and functional. Basically, it is an air purifier disguised as a pendant lamp that can be used almost anywhere!  

Pendant Light

Pendant Light Purifier

The Troffer Light Purifier are meant for office and commercial use. It can be used both recessed or surface mounted and would be ideal on areas where there is high concentration of human traffic and where people are mostly present for long periods of time. 

The LumenAire™ air purification fixture is hidden on the troffers and is barely visible from the outside. It is perfect for workplace setting as it can help eliminate office acquired infections caused by bacteria and viruses carried by people on the day to day basis.  

Troffer Type

The Add-On Light Purifier is the best solution for office space with existing light troffers. This innovative air purifier supplements most workplace with clean air every time.

Installing the LumenAire™ is a breeze as it is mounted right on top of the existing light fixtures present on most office and commercial spaces.

Add-On Type

Add-On Light Purifier


Unitary Air Purification Solution

This customized ducted solution is suitable for those with an open ceiling set-up and wide-open spaces. The irradiation chamber filter is longer and meant for heavy duty air purification that requires 12-24 hour operation to make sure that the space is always disinfected.

The Unitary system is also ideal for halls, restaurants and places of worship just to name a few.